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Entrepreneurship and enterprise are widely thought to be a major driver for economic growth, job creation and wider community development – three things that are essential for Scotland to flourish as a nation.

Young people need to be prepared for a world that is changing rapidly. Many of the jobs they will do when they leave school do not yet exist and they will probably have several jobs during their lifetime. They need to have the skills and attitudes to cope with an unpredictable future, to be able to deal with setbacks and disappointments in a positive way, and to continue to learn for the rest of their lives. This is one of the key reasons why Scotland’s Enterprising Schools was established.

Since our launch in 2015, we have developed a strategic vision to lead and support the drive to build capacity among teaching practitioners to develop their learning, knowledge, skills and practice, enabling them to use enterprise education as a valuable route for enhanced learning and working.

Based on the values of mutual professional trust and honesty, we are working to challenge and support the professional capital of all teachers through the development and delivery of challenging and practical learning opportunities and mentoring support across all 32 of Scotland’s local authorities.

What we do

At our heart, we are an online resource where practitioners can access support and ideas to help them in embedding enterprise into the curriculum. We do, however, also provide professional learning twilight sessions, authority-wide conferences and personal mentoring. Through these services, we encourage and support debate and reflections on the success and challenges of teaching and learning approaches to enterprise education.

Membership to our online platform is free and once signed up practitioners can download a variety of resources covering ages 3 to 18. These include projects and lesson plans mapped out to Curriculum for Excellence’s Experiences and Outcomes and The Career Education Standard’s ‘I Can’ statements, and Professional Reflection Tool which allows you to assess your school’s enterprising activity.

We also offer our Enterprising Practitioner Programme, a bespoke online course offered via Moodle, consisting of three modules supported by substantial professional formative assessment activity and a reflection workbook designed to challenge practitioners and to encourage reflection of their own practice. Get in touch to register interest: contact@enterprisingschools.scot.

One of our aims is to encourage practitioners across Scotland to share their knowledge and experiences to inspire and help others. We want practitioners to learn from each other and connect with external partners who can help them deliver quality enterprising activity to their students. We  have set up our Interesting Practice and Partners for Schools pages to be an easily accessible library of fellow practitioners and helpful organisations.

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