Earth Fest Challenge

The challenge is suitable for both Primary and Secondary schools, with adapted workbooks available for each level

Your learners work as part of an events management company who have been approached by a local farmer. She is asking for help to organise a festival in one large, unused field. Learners are being given complete creative control over the festival, the farmer only has one request - that there is a green/eco-friendly initiative or aspect included.

They must develop an idea for the festival that will generate some extra income for the farmer during what has been a particularly bad year for profit. The festival could also potentially bring in more new customers for the farmer.
The challenge involves decision-making and ideas on:

  • The theme of the festival
  • Your green/eco-friendly initiative
  • The festival branding, including a logo
  • Schedule for the day/days (including timings)
  • How you will market the festival to your audience

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