Campaign For Wellbeing Challenge

The challenge is suitable for both Primary and Secondary schools

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Roughly 1 in 10 children and young people in the UK are experiencing a mental health problem.
1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health issue at some point in their life.
Mental health is the single largest cause of disability in the UK.
75% of young people who are experiencing mental health problems are not receiving any treatment.

We are currently living in difficult times and it is more important than ever to try to protect our mental wellbeing and to look out for those we care about. Our daily lives have changed somewhat in recent months and the things we normally do are restricted.

Imagine that you work for a Creative Marketing Agency and The Scottish Government has approached your company to run a campaign which will address some of the facts above.

You have been asked to:
Design a campaign which will do any of the following:

  • Encourage young people to talk about mental health and wellbeing
  • Raise awareness of the early signs and symptoms so that people will recognise the need for support
  • Promote what we can do to help others who may be suffering
  • Promote what we can do to try to maintain our wellbeing

Decide what form your campaign will take

Prepare a visual pitch for the Government so that your company will be awarded the contract


  • What do you want to achieve? How will you know you have been successful?
  • Your market: Who is your target market? What will capture their interest?
  • What form will your campaign take? Poster, leaflets, short 1 minute film/animation, sponsorship of an event, adverts etc.
  • Which communication channels will you use: tv, cinema, radio, magazine, billboard, bus stops, social media etc.
  • How you will present/pitch to the Government


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