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Inspire your CityInspire your City

Inspire Your City!

City Fibre and the Skills Service have teamed up to bring 'Inspire Your City' to schools right across the UK.

Imagine a lightning fast connection, to everyone and everything, running all the way into your home, with speeds of up to 1000 Megabits per second. This isn't just fast, or superfast, but Full Fibre Fast....

Unleash your creativity and show us what cities could look like with limitless internet speeds.

From services using drones to virtual reality meetings, the only limit is your imagination.

City Fibre and The Skills Service have partnered up to launch the 'Inspire Your City' Challenge

We want you to create a brand new product or service which makes full use of the amazing speed of Full Fibre broadband.

Imagine the coolest tech from your favourite sci-fi movie and you get the idea.....

It may be something that helps people, provides a new way of doing a task, makes a business more efficient, saves energy or reduces costs.

This tech-focused challenge can be set as a class challenge, or as an online activity if working in a blended learning setting. The Resource Pack within the challenge encourages learners to research SMART Cities, to understand how technology can be applied in all aspects of our life - from where we live, how we travel and even our healthcare systems.

The competitive aspect of the challenge asks learners to design a product or service that addresses one of the problems they've identified as existing in our cities. Not only will they develop this idea, they will create their own business plan and fully explore who and how they help.

Entrants are in with the chance of winning £500 of tech vouchers for their school. Find out more and get your free resource pack from The Skills Service.


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