The Re:Youth Challenge

In your local area, there is a large patch of ground with an over-grown woodland and a small derelict building. The space is an eye-sore: strewn with litter, broken glass and vandalism. The site attracts groups of people after dark and this causes the local residents some distress as they are afraid to walk by the site in case of trouble.

Living in the local community, you know how they feel but you are also aware of the lack of facilities for young people and can understand why so many people go there to hang about.

After contacting your local councillor, you have been given permission to organise a group of local young people to plan and design a new youth facility before presenting your ideas to the local council for them to vote on.

Your design must:

  • Make use of the open space, wooded area and the building
  • Be useable in all weathers
  • Be accessible to everyone (particularly young people) in the local area
  • Be safe for the people who use it
  • Be inexpensive
  • Be sustainable

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