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Bike Recycling

Bike Recycling

Kibble Education & Care Centre

Key Facts

The project recycles/maintains bikes which are donated by the local community or reclaimed from the local council's amenities sites. The project works with 2-4 senior student with a focus on developing their technical and problem solving skills. Once the bikes have been restored they are returned back into the community. While reflecting the 4 capacities the projects is also promoting health and wellbeing along with providing affordable bikes to low income families.

How it developed

We were approached by Renfrewshire council as part of their Zero Waste initiative. We responded by training one of our staff to the required standard to deliver a basic bike maintenance course.

Outcomes and what pupils gained

What pupils gained:

  • Developing skills and attributes that will be needed for learning, life and work.
  • Enhancing communication and teamwork skills.
  • Contributing to the success of the programme.
  • Interacting with the local community.
  • Practical experience of enterprise and business skills.


  • Improved motivation and participation.
  • Think creatively and improved problem solving skills.
  • Working in partnership.
  • Promoting self-esteem.
  • Improved attitude towards safety.
  • Make informed choices and decision making.
  • Communication skills.
  • Transferable practical skills


Recycling and the environment are high on the government/social agenda. Reducing waste, health promotion, carbon footprint and reducing obesity are key areas which this programme is hoping to address.

We continue to work in partnership with Renfrewshire Council and now that the word has spread the general public are using our services on a regular basis.


We spent £800 to create the programme. £600 was for staff training and £200 for tools and equipment.

The initial expenditure has been offset by the income generated from the enterprise as we charge £10-30 for each bike depending on the work required.


  • Renfrewshire Council
  • General Public


Renfrewshire Council and the wider community donate their old bikes.

Other useful information

Staff and students have fed back that the course has been very beneficial especially in developing their practical skills. As an SEB school, pupil engagement is paramount and through this initiative we have witnessed an increase in pupil participation. It is our goal to increase the opportunities to develop enterprise activities while addressing the young work force agenda.

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