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Bonhill Primary School

Bonhill Primary School

Bonhill Primary School

Key Facts

YES partnered with Bauer Media (Radio Clyde) to provide an opportunity for Bonhill's P7s to record an advert to market one of their many enterprise projects 'Cluckingham Palace'. The school currently raises chickens and sells their eggs and a group of 30 young people attended a session at Radio Clyde HQ to develop their adverts.

How it developed

Bonhill were a later addition to the project pilot and were able to receive support from YES and Bauer as another pilot school opted not to participate as fully as expected.

The HT at Bonhill, Maria Seery, welcomed us to find ways to support an already enterprising school.

What pupils gained

  • Participating in collaborative enterprise activities leading to enhanced communication and teamwork skills
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills that contribute to the success of the activity.
  • Developing the skills and attributes that will be needed for learning, life and work
  • Gaining understanding of the relevance of their current cross-curricular learning to future opportunities.
  • Given the opportunity to use enterprise activities to make informed choices about their lives and learning.
  • Practical experience of enterprise and business and particularly sales and marketing
  • Interaction with business volunteers, including George Bowie of Radio Clyde


Pupils who participated in the Bauer Media session demonstrated the following Attributes across the 4 capacities of CfE:

  • Enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • Determination to reach high standards of achievement
  • Openness to new thinking and ideas
  • Ambition
  • An enterprising attitude
  • Self-reliance

Pupils who participated in the Inventor's Challenge demonstrated the following Capabilities across the 2 capacities of CfE:

  • Literacy, numeracy and communication skills
  • Think creatively and independently
  • Learn independently and a part of a group
  • Make reasoned evaluations
  • Link and apply different types of learning in new situations
  • Relate to others and manage themselves
  • Develop and communicate their own beliefs and view of the world
  • Achieve success in different areas of activity
  • Make informed choices and decisions
  • Communicate in different ways in different settings
  • Work in partnership and in teams
  • Take the initiative and lead
  • Create and develop
  • Solve problems


The cost to transport the group of young people to Radio Clyde. Bauer and YES provided everything else.


Bauer Media/Radio Clyde.


YES facilitated the sales part of the session while Bauer media handled the technical aspects of recording.

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Phone: 01389 773700
Fax: 01389 773 709

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