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Classroom Clash

Classroom Clash

Mary Russell School

Name of School/Project

Classroom Clash - Mary Russell School

What is your role?

Acting Principal Teacher DYW/S5 Pastoral - Gillian Clark

Key Facts

Classroom Clash is a digital careers experience which aims to inspire young people and assist them in understanding their future opportunities and career choices through an interactive quiz and mini games.

This digital offer allows a brief introduction to the sectors critical for future economic growth in Scotland and will get pupils thinking about how they can learn more about careers and the skills they will need for the world of work.

The students in the group were all in S4. Due to current Covid restrictions, it has been difficult to access real world of work experiences. Giving students access to this digital opportunity, allowed them an alternative experience and a chance to develop employability skills such as team building, problem solving, digital literacy… Some of our students find literacy challenging, but, like many young people, they are highly competent in the use of ICT. This project makes use of tablets and interactive games which meant many were able to play to their individual strengths.

How did the Project develop?

A collaboration between My World of Work Live and Animmersion. The brand new resource sees teams of young people compete in a range of challenges and games that are designed around jobs of the future and focused on specific sectors.

Designed and delivered by Skills Development Scotland, the aim of Classroom Clash is to inspire learners and put future careers and opportunities into context.

“The Classroom Clash is all about them learning and discovering information – they did that and enjoyed every minute of it.” Gillian Clark, teacher. The use of technology was an equaliser for many of our students in terms of their digital literacy ability. The gaming aspect added a fun element alongside important learning.”

Classroom Clash is designed for learners in P7-S3 and aims to introduce them to the sectors that will be vital for Scotland’s future economic growth. Throughout the session, the focus is on computing and ICT, construction and building, engineering, healthcare, social work and caring. (Our students are in S4. We focused on construction and childcare)

The launch of Classroom Clash coincided with the end of the first ever Scottish Careers Week; the inaugural week showcased the wide variety of careers support available to Scottish people through online events, live events and practical activities.

West Scotland MP Neil Bibby visited the school for the Classroom Clash and had the opportunity to see first-hand how Skills Development Scotland’s My World of Work Live provided inspirational and unique career inspiration.

“What better week to launch Classroom Clash than in the first ever Scottish Careers Week. The sectors represented in today’s session have a breadth of opportunities and it’s important we inform young people about the exciting options they could explore in the future – from the life and chemical sciences sector to engineering and energy.” Neil Bibby

What did the pupils gain from taking part in the project? (Impact) How effective was the project? (Outcome)

My World of Work Live sessions are free to participate in and offer hands-on learning and use tech to engage and inspire.

I think our students were able to fully participate in this session in a way that would not have been possible without the use of ICT. They are used to using equipment like tablets and many are keen gamers. The competitive, fun element of the session kept them engages in their learning.

Is the project sustainable? How do you see it developing in the future?

As this was a huge success with our S4 students, we have made further bookings for S1, S2 and S5. The development of employability skills is essential across all age groups and this activity incorporated learning and skill development in a fun and engaging way.

Did you incur any costs?

No, it was free of charge.

Did you get other organisations involved?

SDS were keen to bring along some of their senior mangers as it was an inaugural launch. 

Do you have any advice for practitioners thinking about organising something similar?

We used the school dinner hall as it was a large space and provided a big screen for visual prompts. This was for practical social distancing measures but, I think this made it seem like more of an event that if we had all been in a smaller classroom.

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