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Cumnock Promotional Gifts

Cumnock Promotional Gifts

Cumnock Academy

Cumnock Promotional Gifts facilitated by students at Cumnock academy and their partnering organisation KCP

Key Facts

Young people in S3-S5 are invited to participate in designing and manufacturing promotional products for local businesses.

The business is made up of board members who coordinate the manufacturing, marketing and selling various products that businesses use for marketing.

How it developed

Students initially began a small enterprise initiative selling key rings that were manufactured using the in-house equipment already available in the school. This initiative would eventually become Cumnock Promotional Gifts.

The group fostered links with a local company 'KCP' who not only provided valuable orders but also business support and advice. This, in turn, opened up opportunities to sell promotional items to other businesses. The students began to increase the product portfolio by introducing other items that were produced on the laser cutter.

The profits from the company have been reinvested into providing additional equipment that is being used to enlarge the product portfolio even more. The company now has access to a laser cutter, sublimation printing, CNC router and large-scale canvass printing.

What pupils gained

Young people have enhanced a variety of skills that increase their employability and future prospects. A part of running the company they have gained an understanding of various business processes and the related skills. They produced presentations and 'pitched' their ideas to a variety of businesses. In June 2017, they came 2nd in the Sir Tom Hunter challenge winning £3500 to be reinvested into enterprising activities with the school.


Profits from the company are continually reinvested into materials and equipment that can be used by the whole school community.


The business has been self-funded from the outset with no costs incurred by the school.


KCP provided business advice to the students (including presenting workshops) and helped foster links with other companies.

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