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DYW vision

DYW vision

Currie Community High School

A shared DYW vision for all learners

Currie Community High School

Currie Community High School have taken an enterprising approach to delivering their DYW vision and supporting the wide range of opportunities that they offer across the curriculum. Their innovative approaches to learning and teaching, underpins all developments with the principles of good curriculum design, effective learning and teaching, and partnerships (HGIOS 4). These partnerships and networks, including social media, have allowed Currie Community High School to drive forward the progression for our students into a positive destination - with 99.2% of school leavers at the school going into either FE, HE or employment.

Through each year, we work to raise awareness with staff, students, parents and partners on the importance of a curriculum that develops the young workforce.

Video 1: The DYW Vision at Currie Community High School

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Our vision has grown from the establishment of a strategy group in 2016-2017 with representatives from all faculties, including Pupil Support and Support for Learning, who aimed to identify strengths and areas to develop and implement DYW, including discussion with the leadership team. These key areas then influenced our three-year strategy and the opportunities we now offer, as part of our curriculum that develops our young workforce.

Video 2: Staff Perspective - What's on Offer?

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We continue to reflect and develop, using data through baseline testing with S1, S3 and S5 (every two/three years), to lead and develop creative and innovative opportunities for students, including our:

To enhance our curriculum offerings, we are working as an SCQF Ambassador School, raising awareness of different levels of qualifications and how they can influence an individual student's learning journey. Included in this are our work-based learning opportunities, including Foundation Apprenticeships and work placements.

We have also created a series of webpages to share information and opportunities with students and parents, while being an effective tool to engage partners.

Each department has conducted an evaluation, through using a revised tool, constructed from the Education Scotland's CES Learning Resources, to reflect on the teacher/practitioner entitlements. Each department identified two or three areas that need developing as part of their improvement planning. Our customised CLPL, 'Staff Industry Insight Sessions', work to meet these development needs, along with industry support and partners such as Scotland's Enterprising Schools.

We have a major focus on skills and careers awareness (CES) which begins from P7 (as part of transitions) to S3, which engages parents, along with plans to expand this throughout the Senior Phase.

Video 3: Staff Perspective - Impact and Advice

All our opportunities embed the Career Education Standards (CES) (3-18) and our Skills Framework (based on BTC 4: Skills for Learning, Life and Work), giving students the opportunity to become more aware of where their learning, skills and subject choices will lead them on their learning journey.

To manage the workload of staff and members of the strategy group, it is vital that someone has the strategic responsibility for driving DYW forward, however it does not solely sit with them, allowing the sustainable development and longevity of DYW beyond 2021. For this to be sustainable, support from partners for opportunities, including financial support, will allow this to grow and embed for years and students to come!

We are currently reviewing our work placement strategy through utilising the Education Scotland Work Placement Benchmarking tool, based on data and student voice, to provide tailored opportunities for individual pathways.

After our successes over the last 3 years, from 2019-20 we are moving forward as a cluster, including Special School, to develop our new 'Currie Cluster DYW Strategy Group', truly 3-18!

Video 4: Student Perspective

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John Schmidt
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A huge thank you to all the staff at Currie Community High School! Interested in being featured as Interesting Practice on the Scotland's Enterprising Schools site? We love to hear new enterprising approaches in schools, get in touch!

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