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Enterprising School Award 2016

Enterprising School Award 2016

Broxburn Academy

Key Facts

Broxburn Academy was judged the winner of the Enterprising School Award 2016. The judges were impressed with the initiatives ongoing at the school to support the young people develop their employability skills.

SQA approved Enterprise and Employability N5
A number of initiatives were involved in the success of Broxburn Academy's nomination for the competition. The first of these was to introduce the SQA approved Enterprise and Employability N5 for the whole of the S5 year group.

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)
Through the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) the whole of S5 competed against each other for the sum of £3000. This was donated to a charity tackling a social issue. The money was donated to the Yellow Teapot Club which is a local charity for those who are aged between 6 -25 in West Lothian who have additional support needs.

S5 Mock Interview Panel
Another initiative that has been running to promote enterprise skills is the creation of a mock interview panel. A total of nine local employers were invited in to the school to give each pupil in S5 a mock interview.

Organically Grown Fruit and Vegetables Recipe Book
The senior nurture group grow organic vegetables and fruit which are produced on the school grounds and Oatridge College. These are sold to teachers, staff, pupils and the wider Broxburn community.

Vocational Courses for Pupils
Broxburn Academy's Transition to Work team have offered and are continuing to offer various vocational courses to pupils across the school.

ESH Project
We are one of only six schools selected to work with ESH, a project to bring industries to pupils in S4. The pupils had to complete tasks throughout the year and those successful were taken for interviews at Houston House Hotel. This year we are also piloting this with S6. The skills gained are invaluable and have gone towards making the young people of Broxburn Academy more enterprising and ultimately more employable.

How it developed

SQA approved Enterprise and Employability N5
Stephen Daly, Broxburn Academy's PTC for Employability spearheaded the drive to introduce this qualification to every student in S5 ensuring all pupils are taught employability skills.

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)
All school years participated in this event and were aware of how important it was to be enterprising in raising money for a local charity. The whole school community were encouraged to support a number of enterprising projects such as purchasing wooden love heart ornaments created in CPD, cakes from a bake sale, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a car washing voucher and particpating in a dodgeball tournament.

S5 Mock Interview Panel
Stephen Daly developed links with the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Premier Inn, Peter Brett Construction and Miller Stuart Estate Agents to ensure that we had a diverse and successful range of employers. Furthermore, Karen Ashcroft from Skills Development Scotland, and Moira Niven from West Lothian Education also came in to demonstrate the reality of an interview. This endeavour ensures that Broxburn Academy is consistently and successfully building and promoting links with external businesses.

Organically Grown Fruit and Vegetables Recipe Book
A recipe book has been produced as an extra enterprise to raise money. This money is put back into the ground at the Broxburn and Oatridge College vegetable garden and promotes not only enterprise but encourages health and well being for the whole school community.

Vocational Courses for Pupils
Last year there was a senior and junior Rural and Urban Training scheme which was to give young people the skills for work through the enjoyment of building bikes. We also have a strong link and partnership with Albyn Park who take one young person every year on an extended placement to train them in employability skills.

ESH Project
This year we are also piloting this with S6. The skills gained are invaluable and have gone towards making the young people of Broxburn Academy more enterprising and ultimately more employable.

What Pupils Gained

  • Opportunities and experiences that are available through being part of a school whose commitment to innovation, creativity and enterprise is an embedded ethos that runs through all school years.
  • Postive destinations; Broxburn Academy grew from 88% positive destinations to 94.38% in a year.
  • The encouragement and opportunity to develop skills that will be needed for learning, life and work.
  • Direct communication and networking opportunities with business leaders from the local and wider business community.
  • The enjoyment and satisfaction of working through challenges, and seeing their endeavours develop using their entrepeneurial skills.
  • The continuing support of the whole school to participate in enterprising initiatives.

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