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Key Facts

Mosaic Enterprise Challenge is run by an arm of Prince's Trust. The S3 Xl group was involved in playing a business simulation game and completing an ethical business assessment. The group was divided up into 4 groups with a business mentor to assist them in completing the game. The highest score went onto the Scottish finals. Hollybrook's Jamboree social enterprise company won the pitch. We are going to London to pitch in the Grand Finals. Curriculum focus is the business and ICT - however just as important is the quality of the pitch, creativity of the business idea, its feasibility and understanding of business principles. The business idea should benefit their school and the school community.

How it developed

The winning group will attend the Grand Final in London where they will play the business simulation game, the business plan and the pitch.

Jamboree is a Jam and Chutney social enterprise for the school and the local community. Jamboree uses fruit and vegetables that are saved from potential landfill. All Jamboree products are sourced from local businesses to make good use of foods that would otherwise go to landfill. All our jars are used from recycled glass in keeping with our eco - friendly values. Jamboree has a very strong financial position because we have sourced the fruit and jars for free. All excess produce will be donated to charity, instead of going to waste.

Outcomes and what pupils gained

Jamboree is an ethical product and the investor will know that they are investing in a business that has a deep understanding of social responsible by giving all our profits to a local Gardening Charity - GREAT- that work in the most deprived area of Scotland: Govanhill. The investor will know that we are a unique and creative enterprise as there are no other companies in Scottish schools that offer this.


Jamboree's vision is that we will create long-term financial value, we know that our Social Enterprise is benefiting our customers, communities and the environment. Jamboree is reducing the amount of natural resources we consume and the amount of waste that is produced. Our fruit and vegetable wholesaler is happy to give their entire product for free and this will benefit the environment and their business will be reducing their wastage and assisting our pupils to learn about being resourceful business men and women.


Jamboree has a very strong financial position because we have sourced the fruit and jars for free. We will produce the jam for less than 20p per jar. We will sell the jam for £1 per jar.


We had 4 mentors from different business sectors to assist our pupils to complete the business simulation game. We also got involved with JB Brogan wholesalers for the fruit and vegetables.


All resources were given by Prince's trust.

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