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Make Your Own Scrunchies

Make Your Own Scrunchies

Name of School/Project

Make Your Own Scrunchies at Eastbank Academy Home Economics Department.

What is your role?

Student Home Economics Teacher

Key Facts

The scrunchie-making club was developed as a health and wellbeing-focused activity for practitioners within the school to take part in after school hours.

How did the project develop?

I come from a textile and fashion background and wanted to bring those skills to use within the school. With this in mind I wanted to create an after-school activity for teachers to learn a new skill and meet other teachers out with their department. 

What did participants gain from participating?

The teachers seemed to really enjoy it with some teachers tweeting their finished handmade pieces.

I‘ll be running the class for the next 3 weeks until I finish up on placement since a few other teachers have asked if they can come along. I think it’s a great way to socialise outside the department but also learn a new skill too.   

Is the project sustainable?

Yes, we used old remnants of material and others brought fabrics or old clothes from home to use to make their scrunchies. 

Did you incur any costs?

The only cost was buying the elastic which was £1.50 for around 5 meters. 

Do you have any advice for other practitioners who may be keen to try something similar?

These scrunchies are really fun and easy to make with lots of free resources online of how to make them and free pattern pieces you can download and print. As long as you have a working sewing machine you have nothing to lose.  

Any other information?

These would be a really great enterprising activity for schools to sell products to raise money for charities , I could really see pupils enjoying making these.


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