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Radio Kear Online School Radio Station

Radio Kear Online School Radio Station

Kear Campus

Key Facts

Radio Kear is an online school radio station established in April 2017 by Kear Campus pupils. Kear Campus is a school that educates primary and secondary pupils with additional support needs. The purpose of the radio station is for pupils to operate an online school radio station.

Pupils realised there was a need to inform parents, partners and the wider world about the work carried out by them both inside and outside of the classroom environment.

Pupils have already developed skills that will be easily transferable to work and life beyond secondary school, such as increased confidence, literacy, numeracy, working in a team and an ability to communicate clearly. Both staff and pupils feel confident that the Radio Station will bring many benefits to the school and to the wider community for years to come.

How it developed

Pupils realised that having their very own radio station would allow their voice to be heard. It would allow them the opportunity to be in the public eye (or ear). They also realised that it would be a vehicle for self-expression and on-air debate.

Outcomes and what pupils gained

Enhances pupils' ability to communicate in writing (i.e. scripts and programmes for broadcasting), improves confidence in communicating over the airways and enhances their ability to communicate with the broadcasting team.

Improves creative thinking as pupils write scripts, develop programmes and communicate effectively.

Creating radio broadcasts enables pupils to be aware of current socio-economic and political issues as they research their programme content

Programme writing helps to developed language skills and the ability to commit thoughts to paper.

Is it sustainable?

There will be no ongoing expenditure as radio programmes are free to produce and upload onto the Kear Campus website.

At the end of May 2017, a small group from Kear Campus will market the radio station in the local community. They will hand out leaflets and conduct a questionnaire asking members of the public if they would listen to our new radio station.

Once the information is collated, pupils will contact local businesses in the Blantyre and surrounding area and enquire if they would like to advertise their businesses via our radio station. Pupils would follow a brief given by the business owner and then create a short radio advert for them. This would then be played via our website. Business owners would then make a small donation to help sustain our radio station. As the station equipment ages and the equipment starts to fail, it would allow pupils to purchase new equipment.


The radio station was set up using funding from the school fund. Approximately £1300 was allocated for the purchase of radio station equipment including a mixer, headphones, acoustic wall foam, microphones etc.


  • Tam Cowan, BBC Radio Presenter
  • Sunny Govan Radio
  • Frank Carty, Graphic Designer
  • Craig Milne, Acting Principal Teacher at Hollybrook (Radio Hollybrook)


The project requires a suitable space within a school that could be a dedicated radio station/recording studio. The school manages all the resources e.g. website costs, equipment etc.

Useful information

In April of 2017, BBC Radio Broadcaster Tam Cowan was invited to Kear Campus to help launch Radio Kear. Tam was also the first person to be interviewed on Radio Kear.

Before cutting the ribbon, special guest Tam Cowan said, "Thank you for the honour of officially opening your radio station. Good luck to all the staff and especially the pupils and I look forward to returning for a celebration on the first anniversary".


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