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Hollybrook Academy

Key Facts

Scribbles by Hollybrook is a social enterprise company established in January 2014 by the 3rd year pupils of Hollybrook Academy. Hollybrook is a school that educates pupils with additional support needs. The purpose of this social enterprise is to frame and sell pupils' artwork. Pupils realised there was a need to do something with the artwork produced by Hollybrook Academy pupils.

The pupils involved in Scribbles by Hollybrook developed a deep understanding of social responsibility by giving all their profits to Yorkhill Children's Hospital. Pupils are also improving their enterprise, literacy, numeracy, organisational and ICT skills.

How it developed

Pupils thought it was wrong to allow pieces of art to be stored in cupboards, never to see the light of day again. Pupils are trying to demonstrate that art that has been lovingly created by an individual should not be left in cupboards. It should be framed and displayed for all to see. Therefore, they believe that there is a piece of art for everyone.

Outcomes and what pupils gained

Objective 1:
To raise money for Yorkhill Children's Hospital Charity, Glasgow.

Objective 2:
To sell pupils' art work to pupils, staff, parents , members of the local community and to members of the online community via an online auction.

Objective 3:
To improve self-esteem, confidence, social entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities of everyone involved in Scribbles by Hollybrook.

Social Impacts:
Hollybrook Academy pupils are fully empowered to offer assistance to a cause which has had a major impact on their personal lives.

Environmental Impacts:
Recycling old picture frames and paintings previously gathering dust in cupboards or destined for the bin.

Economic Impacts:
Financial donation to be made by pupils to Yorkhill Children's Hospital Charity.


There will be no expenditure as picture frames have been donated and will continue to be donated. Artwork also sold without frames. Pupils continually produce art work within Art so there will never be a shortage of materials for 'Scribbles' to sell.


No costs. Art work donated by pupils and picture frames donated by IKEA.


Scribbles has worked with following partners over the last few years:

  • IKEA;
  • The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow;
  • The Burrell Collection, Glasgow;
  • Echo Chic Boutique;
  • The British Council;
  • The Unexpected Artist (pop up art shop in St Enoch's Centre);
  • The Evening Times;
  • The Herald;
  • The Sunday Mail;
  • BBC Scotland;
  • McTear's Auctioneers;
  • Govanhill Library

Other useful information

In February of 2015, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon visited the Business Education department to see first-hand the work of "Scribbles by Hollybrook". Staff and pupils were really excited about the visit. Pupils gave her a piece of art as a parting gift. She's got it displayed in her office.

Scribbles has won or been nominated for the following awards:

  • Social Enterprise in Education Award Winner 2015;
  • Diana Award 2015;
  • Young Scots Award Nominees 2015;
  • Invited to present at award ceremony

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