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SKapade: Choices

SKapade: Choices


Key Facts

We provide young people with a platform to get involved in the creative industries and showcase the different options available to them. When we arrive in schools it's all about the positive vibes and giving an energetic presentation to get the young people inspired into action. We usually share our story so far and why we think young people should define their purpose.

We like to bring along our DJ equipment and put young people in front of them to ignite a passion for music or the art of being a DJ. These are usually really fun and interactive sessions that inspire young people into being creative!

  • Official Partners of the Prince's Trust
  • Based in Dumbarton
  • Involved in the music industry for over 10 years
  • Signed to some of the world's biggest labels
  • Our team is made up of professional producers, comedians, graphic designers, event coordinators, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs
  • A positive business
  • We care strongly about education
  • We believe in Scotland and innovation
  • Ages 14-18
  • Self Development
  • Art of DJ
  • Goal Setting
  • Music production

How it developed

We have a strong connection with West Dunbartonshire Council and through this connection we were invited to do some talks in high schools in our local area. We have now done talks to nearly 5000 students and we wish to continue this. We want to share our inspirational outlook and help provide a platform for young people to achieve greatness or at the very least to inspire them into living the life they deserve!

SKapade Studios approached West Dunbartonshire Council's Educational Services Department in Summer 2015 to discuss ways in which they could work with and inspire local school pupils. They sought to deliver key messages about self-employment, skills awareness, entrepreneurship and employability skills.

SKapade have shown themselves to be very motivated and committed to sharing their experiences and offering support to local schools in a number of ways. Stephen and Steven have delivered inspirational talks to senior pupils at assemblies and ran a programme for young people attending The Choices Programme which was a great success. Their passion and enthusiasm is clear and their content and style grabs the attention of the students.

We look forward to working with them in the future.

Rachel Doyle, Employability officer West Dunbartonshire

Outcomes and what pupils gained

SKapade students gained the following:

  • Knowledge on how to sustain life as an artist within the creative industries
  • The mind-set and work ethic of being self employed
  • Insight and practical work experience in media
  • A clearer set of goals to achieve
  • Key life lessons, insights and skills
  • A detailed look at self-employment
  • More confidence
  • Selling and sales
  • A portfolio of their progress
  • An introduction into music production and Djing professionally
  • A music track they helped make
  • Ongoing support from the team
  • Teaches the importance of being an entrepreneur
  • Being part of a creative environment and positive network


Our work is sustainable for the following reasons:

  • Applicable life skills, especially when it comes to self-employment
  • Inspirational to all who go through our programs
  • The creative industries is huge and worth billions as a whole
  • It is unique and tailored towards the digital age
  • There are many organisations out there who think similar
  • We are over a year running and things are only growing


The only costs were equipment hire and travel costs.


We try and include our partners where it is applicable. We usually bring in our partners at the Prince's Trust to help us deliver blocks on self-employment and the many different opportunities out there! However we have a very diverse team with many specialties so we mostly deliver our workshops with our very dynamic team.


We are usually provided with a table to hold our equipment on. We also ask for power extensions for multiple plugs as we love to bring our music everywhere we go! We also like to bring a projector with us to present some of our slideshows.

Other useful information

Steven Galloni

Phone: 07469711561

Stephen Kirkwood

Phone: 07821049324

If you would like to follow the progress of our team then why not give us a like?

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Twitter: @SKapadeStudios

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