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South Lanarkshire’s Young Apprentice

South Lanarkshire’s Young Apprentice

South Lanarkshire’s Young Apprentice

Key Facts

Aimed at 15-17 year olds, mid academic ability and who had an interest in business and entrepreneurship. The purpose was to raise awareness of entrepreneurship, providing pupils with the confidence to start a business in the future. Participation also provided a great example to talk about at job interviews in the future.

How it developed

A 9 day programme was developed with business based tasks, supported by local business and held in their premises. Funding was provided by Education and Economic Development departments of the Council.

Outcomes and what pupils gained

Pupils worked in teams on the challenges set by business. Their confidence increased throughout the programme as well as their knowledge of business processes.

Skills enhanced included: teamwork, communication, presentation, problem solving, self awareness.


There are costs involved but business sponsorship can be sought to assist with this.


Buses, lunches, prizes, staff time, t-shirts, awards dinner.


Local businesses were involved by offering challenges.


Businesses sponsored prizes and the cost of the awards dinner.

Contact details

Helen Salt
Bright Yellow Thinking

Phone: 07841 656 228

Other useful information

One of the candidates from previous years has now started her own interior design company.

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