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The Enterprise Game

The Enterprise Game

Fife School

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Key Facts

The Fife School's Enterprise Game is a developmental tool helping students to learn about business. Initially created as a board game. It allows young people to use their entrepreneurial skills to make, sell and deliver products to customers around the board.

It has been customised to incorporate the names of many major employers throughout Fife, which helps players to increase their understanding not just of enterprise, but of the wider Fife economy.

A resource pack has been created to extend learning, and has several activities which support the outcomes of the Fife School's Enterprise Game.

Fife School's Enterprise Game has been aligned to support the outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence and Developing the Young Workforce.

How it developed

Fife originally partnered with Halton Borough Council to create a bespoke version of the board Game focused on Fife and its economy.

Following its successful delivery in Fife's schools, it was recognised that young people use technology more in their lives and to complement the Board Game, free software (Vassal) was used to replicate the exact game on to a digital format. It is a basic format, however it gives teachers more flexibility in how and when a class can engage with the programme.

Outcomes and what pupils gained

The Fife School's Enterprise Game programme supports young people in contextualising areas such as social sciences, literacy, numeracy, mathematics, health & wellbeing and technology. It also gives them experience of leadership, teamwork, communication and enterprise skills.


The board games have been purchased outright, and the software used to convert it to a digital format is free.


  • The initial cost of the board game several years ago.
  • Developmental costs of converting the Game to Vassal software. If any amendments are needed this will have to be paid for.


Halton Borough Council were the initial project partners as they created the original Game. To support the development on to Vassal Software we worked with local company Career Studio.

Contact details

Sandra Robb
Culture of Enterprise Coordinator

Fife Council
3rd Floor
Kingdom House
Kingdom Avenue

Tel: 03451 555 555 Extn: 447130

Other useful information

We are looking to evolve Fife Schools Enterprise Game further to create an enhanced digital solution.

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