Inventors Challenge: A collaboration between SES & YES

We have recently begun a new collaboration with Young Enterprise Scotland to deliver enterprising projects to school pupils in Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen. YES have employed two new Scotland’s Enterprising Schools Programme Executives, Lucy and Lucia, who have already been out delivering the Inventors Challenge in schools in Glasgow.

Scotland has a rich history of invention and innovation so as part of the challenge young people spend time learning about Scottish inventors and their work. The pupils are then asked to come up with their own ideas for inventions and encouraged to be as creative as possible – no idea is too big, bold or impossible!

The young people also learn valuable insight into branding and marketing and can then apply this to their own invention by creating an advertisement. Alternatively, they can use recycled objects to create a prototype of their invention.

This challenge is a fun and engaging way for young people to learn about Scotland’s history whilst using their own creativity to develop valuable skills. We look forward to seeing the innovative ideas that are developed in the sessions to come!

You can read more about the Investors Challenge on the Young Enterprise Scotland website.

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