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Welcome to your chance to be part of 'Generation Next'. Bauer Academy are looking for the future talent of the creative industries, do you know a young person that would be perfect for this opportunity?

Generation Next is a cost-free course running from the end of March and throughout April. Participants may be eligible for help with travel, but places are limited...good luck with the submission, it could be their big step to an exciting and rewarding career in media!

They'll need to submit an audio piece of 10 seconds maximum where you demonstrate your passion for an item of content. It can be a song, a book, a movie, an article...any experience of your choosing, all they're looking for is your passion for it!

Anyone over 16 is welcome and applications must be received by the end of Friday the 28th of February. To get involved click here to find the form to fill out. For the audio piece, you can use any platform like soundcloud, youtube etc. Just paste the link into your application. Or, you can also put "Call" and demonstrate your passion directly over the phone.

If you need any more information, contact:

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