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Back in 2019 we announced in collaboration with CREATE and the University of the Highlands and Islands that we would be providing a fully-funded course at Masters level for Scottish practitioners to develop their enterprising mindset and teaching practice.

This fully-funded, accredited module aimed to introduce participants to how an enterprising mindset and creative approach to learning can help instil a 'can-do' attitude in our young people and better prepare them for their future.

Dr Carol Langston, former head of CREATE, said: "Within education, we need to start as early as possible to foster and support an attitude shift - to make sure young people develop the skills to succeed and also to encourage the idea of being your own boss as a valid option when considering future careers. We have a responsibility to make sure that young people have a good understanding of what being your own boss involves in a whole range of different and exciting environments, and how the skills developed are highly valued by employers.

"This module will develop teachers as enterprising educators and provide a stepping stone into Masters-level study. More and more teachers are being encouraged to think about their professional development, study beyond degree level and become leaders in their field and we are delighted to be able to support SES in delivering professional learning at this level. It also feeds into the Scottish Government's ambitions to promote a Can Do culture of entrepreneurship and innovation"

Over the course of 15 weeks our ten Enterprising Educators took part in two face-to-face learning days, at the Lighthouse in Glasgow, and regular online sessions. Practitioners being able to take part in learning remotely meant that our participants came from all across Scotland, including from; Dumfries and Galloway, Aberdeenshire, Falkirk and Glasgow.

Participants of the module also came from a variety of backgrounds, some working in primary, secondary and additional support needs schools, with some coming from a local authority level.

The course involved learning focused on what Enterprise is and how is it relevant, what the role of the educator is, and also allowed participants the opportunity to implement their own enterprising project in their setting and evaluate how this performed with their young people.

"I am more motivated. I have new ideas to try out and learners are seeing the benefit of enterprise in education - they are much more engaged."

We're so happy to see their results coming through and a huge congratulations from the Scotland's Enterprising Schools team to our successful graduates! We've been so thrilled to see your enthusiasm for entrepreneurial learning over the last few months and can't wait to see the impact your learning from the Enterprising Educator module has on your practice and the young people that you work with.

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