Enterprising Schools Certification Launches 2022

Scotland's Enterprising Schools are rolling out their next phase of support to embed enterprise through the Enterprising Schools Certification, due to launch this year.

This new certification framework further develops the opportunities for practitioners and establishments to fully embed enterprise into their setting through learning and teaching.

Applying for Enterprising Schools Certification is a great way to recognise, reward and revel in the enterprising achievements of young people. It demonstrates their commitment to using learning in the creation of value for themselves and others and acknowledges their hard work to develop their enterprising skills for learning, life and work.

The Enterprise Champion badge is the first step in this certification that will see participating settings work through three levels of certification before being granted Gold recognition. Each of these steps can be undertaken over an academic year, but some settings may take more or less time based on the work already being done.

Working through each of the Steps before being awarded an Enterprising Schools Gold Certification demonstrates that sustainable and impactful enterprise activity is embedded in the setting's learning and teaching, which inspires entrepreneurial mindset for life.

We developed the Enterprising Schools Certification to recognise and reward the enterprising achievements of young people, staff and wider school communities. It is designed to support schools and nurseries through self-reflection, with the aim of embedding enterprise skills for learning, life and work. We hope the Certification will provide motivation and confidence for participants to create a sustainable model for collaboration beyond their four walls.

Julie Degnan, SES Project Manager

Our certification is self-certified with handy checklists available for you to keep in mind, and as you work through each accreditation stage you'll receive digital badges you can display on your social profiles and email footers to celebrate your achievements.

This framework will really help us to put into practice something that we've been striving to do for a while. We're keen to move beyond enterprise being something we do to something we are.

Focus group attendee

We had been struggling with how to actually 'embed' enterprise and this allowed us to self-reflect as a staff team and with our pupils, and recognise that we are not starting from the beginning like we had thought. We are well on our way and feel more confident with the guidance of the Certification to help us progress.

Focus group attendee

We have included enterprise education in our School Improvement Plan and plan on using the Certification to guide us through the next few years to ensure our learners progress with their enterprising skills for learning, life and work. We also plan to use it to help us build more local partnerships and develop our reputation as an enterprising school.

Focus group attendee

Participants that are successful in reaching our Gold certification will receive their own QuickBlock kit to support them in carrying out and developing enterprising activities. These multi-use kits are created from recycled plastic and their flexible, modular design means that they can be used to create a multitude of items including benches, planters and lecterns. Download more information about QuickBlock below.

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