5 ways your school can tackle Climate Change

Today, the 10th of December, marks human rights day and Forgandenny Primary School have taken this opportunity to tackle the issue of Climate Change.

You might have seen their#WeeVoicesBigActions campaign already but they have been campaigning to get schools involved in their day of action against Climate Change. Take a look at the #WeeVoicesBigActions hashtag on twitter to see more and how schools are getting involved today.

We're playing our part in this incredible campaign by providing you with links to supporting materials and partnering organisations, who can support your school and young people with tackling climate change issues.

1. Search with Ecosia

We have to thank Mount Vernon Primary pupils for telling us about this one on a recent visit to find out about their citizenship groups, we've been using it ever since!

Ecosia is a search engine which uses the profit from any searches to plant more trees where they are needed most. There is even a handy counter underneath the search bar to let you know how many trees they have planted so far. Last time we checked it was sitting at 77,000,000!

Check out Ecosia, here.

2. Take on YES' Circular Economy Challenge

The Circular Economy Challenge is a six-week in-school programme run by Young Enterprise Scotland for upper primary and early secondary stages. The programme introduces children and young people to the benefits of a 'Circular Economy' and challenges pupils to design a circular product or service where everything has value, and nothing is wasted.

The programme is completely free and by signing up you gain access to Teacher packs containing flexible lesson plans fully matched to the Curriculum for Excellence. You can also go down to Young Enterprise Scotland's Rouken Glen site where you can see Circular Economy in action.

Find out more here.

3. Protect Local Greenspaces with The Conservation Volunteers

TCV in Scotland offers a wide range of environmental activity for all in helping to protect and enhance our local greenspace and biodiversity whilst also learning new skills, getting fitter, engaging with your environment and meeting other like-minded people.

Their Green Gym Programme promotes the health and wellbeing of children and young people by engaging them in practical conservation tasks in school grounds or local greenspace.

They can also provide you with support to develop school grounds into a fun and engaging learning environment and can adapt this to your needs. Previous projects have included: plastic bottle greenhouses, orchards, pizza gardens, outdoor classrooms, sensory gardens and wildlife hotels.

Find our more about The Conservation Volunteers here.

4. Learn about Food Journeys with RHET

Royal Highland Education Trust aims to provide the opportunity for every young person and teacher in Scotland to learn about food and farming.

Their farm visits can support many areas of the curriculum such as environmental studies. They also offer follow up sessions for children and young people to learn about food journeys and gain hands-on experience preparing food, including the journey of wheat and bread making.

They'll also be sending "Grow Your Own Loaf" free wheat seeds to schools in March, find out more about what RHET offer here.

5. Take on the Farm to Fork Challenge

Did you know that we throw away 7.1 million tonnes of household food waste a year in the UK? With 70% of this being food we actually could have eaten!

Could your pupils come up with a product or service to eliminate the Food Waste problem? Get them to take on the Farm to Fork Challenge!

Our Farm to Fork Enterprise Challenge takes a cross-curricular approach to explore the topic of Farm to Fork. Young learners in your classroom will learn about food journeys and circular-economy, develop their own solution to food waste and then pitch this at their very own Farm to Fork event!

You can download the resource pack for free, here.

Remember to take a look at Forgandenny's Climate Change campaign today on the hashtag #WeeVoicesBigActions. Schools from across Scotland will have pupils taking part by tackling environmental issues and focusing on climate change in a variety of ways.

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