Scotland’s Enterprising Education Awards 2021

After the success of last year's inaugural awards when Breadalbane Academy were crowned Scotland's Most Enterprising School, we've added a new category into the mix.

Entrepreneurship and enterprise are widely thought to be a major driver for economic growth, job creation and wider community development - three things that are essential for Scotland to flourish as a nation.

We believe that now, more than ever, our young people face an unpredictable future. They need to have the skills and attitudes to deal with setbacks and disappointments in a positive way and to continue to learn for the rest of their lives. In a rapidly changing world, young people need to be prepared with the skills to not only find and retain employment but to explore the possibility of creating it for themselves and others.

At SES, we are honoured to work with practitioners and schools across Scotland and are always inspired by the dedication and enterprising spirit on display. This past year has tested the creativity and resilience of all, and as we have come to expect, Scotland's educators, school staff and pupils have risen to the challenge, and have done so at an admirable pace.

In recognition of the commitment to enterprise education shown by schools, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Scotland's Enterprising Education Awards 2021.

The awards are open to practitioners at all levels working with children and young people aged 3 - 18 and any Early Years, Primary, Secondary or ASN establishment in Scotland. Winners will receive a personalized SES Award,£500 towards their enterprise education strategy and celebration through our social media channels. The winning school will also receive a nomination for the JA Worldwide European Entrepreneurial Schools (TES) Award 2021.

Scotland's Most Enterprising School 2021 Criteria:

  • The school has clear vision and strategy for enterprise education
  • Most teachers and pupils are involved in enterprise education activities
  • Specific resources are allocated to enterprise education
  • Teachers' continuing professional development, with a focus on enterprise education, is actively supported
  • True partnerships with the local community and business sector are nurtured, with all parties involved in identifying priorities, planning, delivery, and evaluation of joint projects.

(for the purposes of this award, a 'school' can be an Early Years, Primary, Secondary or ASN establishment)

Scotland's Most Enterprising Educator 2021 Criteria:

  • The educator has been involved in the planning, delivery and evaluation of enterprise education.
  • The educator has involved a number of pupils and staff in enterprise education.
  • The educator has developed/nurtured partnerships with the local community and business sector.

(for the purposes of this award, an 'educator' is anyone who works at any level with children and young people aged 3-18)

Deadline for applications: Thursday 20th May 2021.

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