The Change Challenge e-Sgoil Pilot Takes Off

We're delighted to be working in partnership with e-Sgoil to deliver a pilot enterprise programme to young people impacted by home learning.

Young people can use IT to engage in a range of activities to create a product or service designed to have a positive impact on the lives of someone in their immediate, local or global community. They will create their own company identity and brand; consider how they market their product and consider cost implications associated with this. They will then share or 'pitch' their ideas to their class with a view to qualifying for the final presentation to invited judges. In the last week, they will celebrate their success and evaluate their skills and contribution.

Initially, the Change Challenge had been designed to be delivered in-person to groups of students who would work collaboratively to create their product/service, company identity and pitch.

It was then adapted to fit an online delivery model which would facilitate in-class group work via socially distanced group discussions and online collaboration through individual students' access to Class Notebook.

This then had to be adapted further, to enable remote working among pupils. Where groups of pupils would previously have worked together from the beginning of the challenge to generate ideas and form a company, they will now work independently, sharing their work with class teachers and peers in their own school 'Channel' on MS Teams.

During this pilot programme, we'll be working with St Margaret's Academy in West Lothian to develop key enterprise skills among their young people and look forward to evaluating the impact the Change Challenge has on their ability to identify their enterprise potential.

For more information on our Change Challenge pilot, get in touch with us at

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