World Education Week and Dunoon Grammar’s Greatest Showcase

We were delighted to be involved with World Education Week this week as we collaborated with Dunoon Grammar School on their Greatest Showcase.

World Education Week (WEW) is an opportunity for 100 schools across the world to present their best practice and show off a little about all the great work they do. The brilliant thing about WEW is the variety of topics covered and the huge range of places you have the opportunity to have a sneak peek in.

For example, one day you can find out about Implementing a Career-Based Curriculum in Jakes Gerwel Technical High in South Africa, then you can jump into a session on Ukraine's Melitopol Specialized School's Commitment to a Values-Led Education and if you have time maybe find out about how to Use Tech to Improve STEM from Colegio Alberto Blest Gana in Chile.

After supporting Dunoon Grammar School's (DGS) application, we were delighted to be among the handful of UK schools selected to present,amidst what we imagine to be pretty fierce competition!

This week John Swinney congratulated all involved:

I am delighted that Dunoon Grammar will represent Scotland on the world stage when pupils make a global presentation online during World Education Week. I will follow their progress with interest and send them my good wishes.

John Swinney, Education Minister

The first idea was to deliver an enterprising take on The Greatest Showman, with the use of the catchy and well-known songs, however due to copyright issues that wasn't going to be possible. So instead, the Greatest Showcase was born!

Featuring a pipe band and highland dancers to kick off the broadcast, the Argyll & Bute school incorportated their High Wire Heidie(Headteacher, David Mitchell), Techo-wizard, Social Responsibility Strong Woman, Creativity Clowns, All Aboard Acrobats and Iain the Communications Cannonball.

As you can see, like all school leaders I have to try and balance the demands of leadership and ensuring that our curriculum is exciting and out young people enjoy their learning.

As headteacher I've encouraged our staff to incorporate enterprising activities into their curriculum and lessons. I've given the strategic leadership of enterprise to one of the depute head teachers who has the overview of all of these events taking place.

Leadership doesn't just come from the staff in a school, we've seen our young people's leadership skills grow and seen them taking a lead in their own learning and in return seeing their confidence grow.

David Mitchell

Each character explained how their enterprise skills had been developed and the impact of using them.

Next, our friend Lynn Kelly from Young Enterprise Scotland introduced our segment where she performed a song written by herself which outlined the resources and opportunities offered by SES in what may be the world's first Pop song written about enterprise skills.

Our Project Manager Julie featured while discussing the range of offerings to teachers, and as the show's cast performed a socially distant rendition of Auld Lang Syne - compliments flooded in from viewers all around the word with mentions from Kiev and USA.

A massive congratulations to Dunoon Grammar who displayed their creativity, innovation and resilience, showing that it'll take more than a pandemic to stop their talents!

Behind the Scenes at Dunoon GrammarVideo Link:

You can stream the whole WEW session here!

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