RookieOven Impact Report

Our newest partner RookieOven has produced an Impact report which identifies the growing digital skills gap in Scotland and the need to prepare and train the next generation to fill that gap. The report outlines some of the current issues that have created this gap and looks to new ways of developing young Scottish talent for a future career in technology.

To help young people acquire valuable skills, RookieOven have developed the RookieOven Academy – a free learning experience for 16 to 25-year-olds who want to brush up their digital skills and learn more about entrepreneurship.

The results have been astoundingly positive with 100% of students agreeing that they would recommend the Academy to their peers. The Impact Report shows that after participating in the Academy 78% of students felt they had the skills to start their own tech business compared with just 28% who felt this way before.

To read more of the findings in the Impact Report, download the full copy.

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