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Social Enterprise Academy

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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About the organisation

In 2008, in partnership with Scottish Government, the Social Enterprise Academy launched Social Enterprise in Education.

We firmly believe that social entrepreneurs can be found anywhere, at any time and at any stage in their development. This includes within our schools, colleges and universities. That's why our programmes are aimed at encouraging and supporting young people to discover and develop their enterprise, entrepreneurial and employability skills and introduce them to the social enterprise business model as a way of doing better business


Taking part gives young people the chance to develop their own social enterprise that can transform their communities.

We are passionate about the business being pupil-led so that students opportunity to develop key employability skills whilst affecting social change in their communities. Students have a hands-on experience in running a business with a social purpose as well as the chance to connect with their community and create change where they see need.


Social Enterprise in Schools

We help students to develop their business plan, think through their social purpose, and introduce them to practicing social entrepreneurs who can act as mentors so that social enterprise can be embedded as part of the school ethos.

Are you just starting your social enterprise journey? Spark level is for schools committed to learning more about social enterprise and the activity happening in their area. There are lesson plans available for this 3 -4 hour introductory level.

This level has been available to schools for over a decade and allows pupils to explore the positive changes they would like to make in their world through social enterprise. Our tutors deliver an interactive workshop where pupils discover what is involved in setting up a school-based social enterprise and they can go on to win an award for their school.

For those schools who have set up their social enterprise and taken part in our awards, there is a further opportunity to become a Social Enterprise Champion. This level is to recognise schools who have managed to sustain their social enterprises and/or who have reached out to their local community to share their knowledge and enhance their learning experience.

Teacher CPD

  • Hear about how other schools have set up successful social enterprises and explore how you could bring it into your own classroom
  • Get up close to a social enterprise and hear from the staff that work there
  • Access support materials, example business plans and curriculum links

SE in Education Awards


Each school that takes part in our programme and successfully set up a social enterprise is also eligible for a social enterprise in education award, each year we hold a ceremony for schools to meet and celebrate their achievements.

They grow as young adults discovering talents and skills that they never knew they had. Watching them grow in confidence and self-belief is fantastic and is really making a difference to their long-term future

Anna McBride, Teacher

I love it. It's good for me and helps me. It's made me go to school more and I get to have fun too

Frances Watt, Wick High School

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