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Our Mission is to empower individuals by giving them the skills to enable them to make great decisions about their future career. We do this by developing and delivering skills development courses direct to students on their laptops, PCs, tablets and phones or in the classroom through their teachers.

Whether you are a student, a head teacher of a school or a member of the senior management team in a college or university, your credibility is important and our courses can help you to build your profile and ensure you and your organisation stand out from the crowd.

Our team are passionate about skills development and believe in empowering all young people to reach their potential. We know that young people are smart and are able to find their own solutions to the many challenges they face and that sometimes they need a helping hand to guide them. Let us help you to achieve your potential.


We have programmes for primary and secondary school teachers to deliver to early and senior phase secondary pupils and a digital programme for undergraduates at college and university that covers the critical skills required for employment. This programme also helps young people to consider their skills and strengths and how to create a bespoke career plan that will ensure their success.


Skills Development for Schools: Enhance your curriculum, address national targets and give your pupils a head start with the Curriculo Introduction to Skills for Work Programme.

A skills-based programme, designed by teachers for teachers, for the benefit of 10-12/13-year-olds. It is focused on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that give young people an early insight into how they can connect with the world of work.

The course is made up of three easy to follow modules:

  • An introduction to skills and strengths: Here pupils will understand why it is important to know what is meant by skills and strengths.
  • Understanding what makes me great: Pupils will learn the connection between their own skills and those that are needed to be a success in various different types of jobs.
  • Making the most of my skills and strengths: This is the practical application of what pupils have learnt so far. They will work in teams with a competitive element.

The benefits include:

  • Helping young pupils understand the meaning of skills and strengths and how they relate to work providing an early understanding of what is required above literacy and numeracy.
  • Preparing young people for the world of work allowing them to prepare for their future with knowledge and understanding of what is required.
  • This programme provides everything but the teacher which allows you to get on with the skills development.
  • Bringing the best out of each and every pupil. Pupils will enjoy the competition in module 3.
  • Practical and enjoyable lessons that can be as long or as short as you have time for.

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The Curriculo IEP helps students to take control of their future career. It is an easily accessible online programme and empowers students by enabling them to plan their future with confidence and clarity. This programme is suitable for senior phase in schools. Please speak with us directly regarding alternative methods of delivery and support.

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This programme is suitable for lower secondary school pupils. It is a set of resources for teachers to deliver in the classroom. It includes a series of lesson plans, a pupil personal skills log book, a set of resources to support the lessons and guidance to host events. These materials are currently not advertised on the site. They are currently being piloted and a report will follow shortly.


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