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WhiteWater Publishing Ltd was set up in 2008 to provide a new publishing service to help individuals, groups and organisations produce books. The authors get 100% of the income from the books they create and there are no royalties associated with any of the books we produce.

We predominantly work with schools producing books BY children FOR children – where the school commissions print copies of the books their students create, which they can either give to the students involved, or sell to raise money for the school, or both!

We provide anything our clients need in producing their book – such as:

  • Planning – setting out aims, budget, funding, process
  • Writing coaching (individuals)
  • Teacher or student workshops:
  • Editing services
  • Design and Layout
  • ISBN provision and registration
  • Printing and/or uploading as eBook
  • Book launches
  • Marketing support

Our Teacher or student workshops cover:

  • Writing stories with groups of students
  • Creating colourful characters (personality profiling and character creation)
  • Writing (setting the scene, moral of the story, structure, etc)
  • Editing (using the senses, show rather than tell, etc)
  • Illustrating (working with professional illustrator to produce images for the books)
  • Publishing (ISBN numbers, cover design, layout, business side)
  • Marketing (book launch, promoting and selling books, making posters, etc

We provide advice at any stage in the process – whether that is for an author looking to get a traditional publishing deal, or authors who want to self-publish. Our main focus is on books which are positive thinking, goal setting, motivational and set out to improve peoples outlook or education.


All projects are bespoke and depend on how much or little the school (or individual) needs. For instance some schools have already created content (stories, poems, recipes etc) within the class and only need the publishing and book printing, whereas others want support throughout the whole project from coming up with ideas, through workshops to book launch. As a special offer to Scotland's Enterprising Schools we would offer £50 off any workshop/package below:

Creating Content:

  • £175* + VAT for student workshops, or £300* + VAT for day rate (up to 3 workshops)
  • £200* + VAT for teacher training session (* plus mileage @ 45p per mile)

Schools Publishing Package

£450 + VAT:
Includes everything needed to get finished content to a publishable book – layout, design, cover design, placement of images, ISBN registration, placement and management, print negation and delivery to one UK address. This does NOT include printing of the book.


Schools Publishing Package = £450
Printing 100 books @£3 each = £300
Total = £750
If you sell 100 books for £9 each = £900 income
Profit to the school = £150

Schools Publishing Package = £450
Printing 300 books @£2.60 each = £780
Total = £1,230
If you sell 300 books for £9 each = £2,700 income
Profit to the school = £1470


This is dependent on size, quantity, colour or b&w, number of pages and quality – however, we get very good print prices due to our commercial suppliers. As a very rough example, 100 copies of an A5 portrait, full colour, 40 page, book might cost £3 per book, whereas 300 copies of the same book might cost £2.60 per book.

Example Prices – 2019

Ebook & Print on Demand Package

£150 + VAT for Ebook & POD Package:
If desired we can put the book onto Kindle for sale as an eBook as well as a 'Print on Demand' (POD) book – this way students and local community can buy the books at a low cost without need for financial outlay for book printing.


Mossy is quite simply a project that had a huge impact while we were doing it and continues to do so. The pupils adore our funny wee character and he reminds them of all they lessons they have learnt about growth mindset! Mossy has captured hearts and minds and will always be remembered through our book and his promotion to 'school mascot'! We had an amazing time writing our book and can't wait to do it again when we write about Mossy's next adventure!

Mossy the Mindset Monster — Best Practice by Crawforddykes Primary School

Mrs Angela Gibson, Head Teacher at Crawforddykes Primary School and Nursery

Winning the Creative Schools Award is a reflection of all the people who have worked with our school. Mary at WhiteWater Publishing is a massive part of that and she definitely deserves credit for getting us the award!

Grant Gillies, Head Teacher at Dalry Primary School

Participating in this project has been a terrific example of A Curriculum for Excellence. Our P7 pupils have gained a very good understanding of the process of writing through to publishing and they have further developed their literacy skills including: communication, creativity and critical thinking. Working with Mary at WhiteWater has enriched and enhanced learning and provided an opportunity for our pupils to develop an enterprising approach and skills for life.

Alison Noble, Head Teacher at Sciennes Primary School


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