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Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) is a holistic accredited learning programme for children and young people aged 5-13 years. It develops interpersonal skills (communication, problem solving and teamwork) and builds the self-confidence and sense of well-being to engage in formal education.

An inclusive award that acknowledges wider achievement as well as a providing a starting point for vocational learning.

JASS is growing at a pace with customers around the world.

Video Link: https://www.youtu.be/23QmaT3DY64


This programme allows young people the opportunity to participate in a community or environmental project. This can be anything from planning an initiative to raising funds for a local charity of organisation. Examples of schools who have participated in the past range from projects like local beach clean ups to meeting with elderly residents of a local care home for weekly tea, coffee, and biscuits. Other examples include:

  • The Tenner Challenge, to raise money to develop the school playground
  • Healthy choice snack trolley
  • Bake sales, including creating and designing posters to advertise events etc

The My Interest section is all about learning a new skill or developing an interest that the individual or group already has. This can either be an enterprising project with the aim of raising money or using their skills to create an exciting new product. Our case studies have seen projects such as pupils preparing a three-course meal for their families which was then served at their school or something completely different, like a pupil who built a game, with the option of peer-review, for the computer.

Get Active, Stay Active encourages individuals to not only begin taking part in a sporting or physical activity but to continue to develop these skills by remaining active.

Adventure is all about using the outdoor activities to develop learning and a wide variety of skill-sets, including team work and problem solving. This can be activities like orienteering or growing your own vegetable garden while learning about sustainability, but we have so many other inspirational examples of these activities on our website too.


JASS is a universal and inclusive programme which takes a holistic approach to developing our young people. JASS is a powerful medium for developing confidence, resilience and self-esteem in an engaging, motivational and rewarding way which ensures that every child achieves – and has this success celebrated. A key driver of the JASS programme is ensuring positive outcomes for our young people. This driver is also the aspirational aim of many child-centred policies of national and international governments.

It doesn't matter what the drivers of any government are – JASS is like a multi-coloured umbrella which a child can look at the world through. They experience life through the variety of colours but JASS also offers them protection from the challenges that life will rain down upon them.
JASS an amazing concept. It breaks down all barriers as children from all walks of life can participate, collaborate and make a difference in partnership with others. The Me and My Community section will be the vehicle to ensure that the refugee children's integration is smooth, assured and sustainable

Maria Seery

JASS is a great way to give young people official recognition for their wider achievement and to start to build intrinsic motivation for them to continue to volunteer, look after their health and fitness, seek out adventure and build skills that will support them for the rest of their life.
It gives opportunities to all young people regardless of their background to participate and achieve in areas that they may never get to do again. JASS builds the confidence of young people to continue to achieve in all aspects of their life and to give back to their community.

Clare Bethnell, Attainment Officer, North Ayrshire

I loved doing JASS. I was a bit nervous about visiting the old people in the care home, but I soon realised that they are just like me. I liked talking to them.

Pupil, Arkleston Primary

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