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Rookie Oven

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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RookieOven was founded by Michael Hayes in mid-2011. Straight out of studying a Computer Science degree at University Michael had his first start-up experience and... it didn't go so well. Why? Well, there was no community.

Today RookieOven serves as a focal point of the Glasgow tech and start-up community. Our gorgeous space in the Fairfield Shipyard Offices serves as a home for meetups, events and those looking to work day in, day out with other talented founders. RookieOven is by start-up founders, for start-up founders and driven forward by a passion for Glasgow to be a vibrant hub of technology and innovation.

Glasgow has the potential to produce world-class technology companies. As a city, we have stacks of talent and a proud history of innovation. This makes Glasgow a fantastic place to establish and grow tech companies.

Our goal is to see more successful tech start-ups emerge from Glasgow. We want to see a more ambitious and cohesive start-up community with a culture of collaboration and co-operation at its core. Together we can achieve massive success.


Have an idea for the next Snapchat or Instagram? Aspire to be a developer? Want to work in technology? The RookieOven Academy is for 16-25-year-olds of Glasgow looking to further their abilities in digital and wanting to flex their entrepreneurial muscles.

Totally Free; the Academy will give amazing insight into how to create digital products. Academic achievement isn't the bar for entry, creativity, skill and a passion for creating digital products is a must. The Academy will step through the process of launching a tech product and create a business, from generating ideas, testing the business model, marketing your product, branding and identity and selling the product. At the end, we pitch our progress at the Academy Demo Day. This is where you show off your products to a real investor.

While free this is an intensive learning experience that will give you real practical exposure to creating modern digital products. To be part of it, you have to commit to fully taking part in The Academy and coming to every session held in RookieOven.

RookieOven is welcoming of young people, teachers and support groups. The space is open for workplace visits or if young people want a place to work from as they set out in their professional careers.


RookieOven has given me a valuable insight into the tech sector. It has inspired me to start my own company and now I have opportunities I never thought possible.

Peter Retson

Since RookieOven Academy I've been looking at becoming self-employed in the creative industries and I feel that I'm capable of it.

Joseph Gracey

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