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Launched in Scotland in 2012, the Bauer Academy is a centre of excellence, innovation and inspiration in creative media education. The Academy delivers UK wide training, providing skills and talent development opportunities for individuals and businesses from inside the biggest media group in Europe.

The Bauer Academy is uniquely resourced. Its team of qualified academics work with leading industry professionals at seven Scottish radio stations (Radio Clyde, Radio Forth, Radio Tay, Northsound Radio, MFR and West FM) to design and deliver new multimedia projects. The Bauer Academy's approach to training is extremely innovative and unique. We believe, by giving learners access to learn within the industry, this allows them a deeper knowledge and understanding of the media industry. We also believe that they become more engaged in the training as it removes barriers and allows them to feel part of the industry that they may be desperately trying to get in to. Most importantly, we have found that you don't necessarily need to be interested in media to benefit from our training. In order to create a radio podcast for example, you must develop communication skills as well as confidence. You must also be creative and usually work as a team. All of these skills are crucial to employment and that is why we believe our training programmes work so well, as young people develop key skills when they least expect it.

A lot of young people engage with the programme initially as they wouldn't usually have the opportunity to see behind the scenes of large commercial radio stations. We have always found that young people are most inspired and engaged when they can see their own transformation and what they have been able to achieve. By allowing young people to record themselves and then reflect and then record again (following our previously mentioned learning cycle) they can hear the difference and see the improvement with the help of feedback from our positive and friendly tutors. This allows young people to continually develop throughout the programme. All young people are given a copy of all the work they create on the course which they can then use to help them apply for jobs or further training opportunities.

Enterprise activity in schools

The Bauer Academy has delivered a number of projects and activities within schools and with school-age children – both those in primary and secondary education. Everything we do can be customised to suit your needs but as an example of some of the things we do and have done:

One of the main things we do with schools, particularly primary schools, is our media maker sessions. This is where we help them to create a radio show using their class project as the subject. In these sessions we cover what a radio show entails, writing for the ear, assigning roles (such as presenter, producer, reporter etc) and planning how they will put together their show. We then record the show which we then edit (adding in sound effects etc to bring it to life) and send out so they can listen to it together in class. It's a great way to get pupils to effectively revise what they've learned (but it doesn't feel like that to them) and in doing the show they're also learning transferable skills such as confidence, communication, creativity etc.

We can run customised multi-media course at our radio stations for high school pupils. For example, in the past we have partnered up with schools in the Glasgow City Council area. This forms part of the Glasgow City Council Enterprise and Employability 'Determined to' programme which is a multimedia course covering radio, television and print journalism.

We have also run a series of one day workshops in:

  • Social media / cyber security
  • Radio advertising
  • Peer to peer campaigns which include safe lending and tackling knife crime


This was an incredible opportunity for our young people. We were able to offer the coveted places to pupils who are looking pursue a career in the media and the feedback from both the young people and the staff at the media academy has been extremely positive. Our hope is now to consolidate this partnership and see the training become a more frequent development within the Determined to Report project.

Gary Condie, Employability and Enterprise Manager, Glasgow City Council

The Media Maker activity was remarkable – students thrived on the unique type of learning activity. It was so much more than media training – it was a truly valuable learning experience that developed a range of skills that align with the Curriculum for Excellence. The approach was refreshing and all types of learners engaged well. When the children presented their work to the assembly it was clear they were very confident learners and rightly proud of their radio show.

Natalie McCartney, Primary School Teacher, Springfield Primary

I offer my sincere thanks for the very thorough preparation you provided for the young people to enable them to host the 'Opening Up the Futures' conference. They carried out their roles with great self-belief and professionalism. Colleagues spoke very positively about their delivery. Sincere thanks.

Dr Bill Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer, Education Scotland

It is really, really amazing. It has opened big doors for me. Now I know what to do, it's fantastic. It was amazing to learn such a lot. It's not like school. It is like actual, proper learning.


I learned a lot! We were working with professionals that know more than anyone else out there. They are so talented, so inspiring. I don't know how to describe it – it is just really amazing.


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