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At Tree of Knowledge, we deliver first-class inspirational speaking, team building and leadership workshops. We passionately believe in the tangible benefits that these bring. Promoting the importance of fun and working within a broad range of learning environments, we have helped over 1 million young learners, students, teachers and employees to improve their attainment, productivity, and to get the most out of their lives.

We believe that schools prosper when their pupils, staff and parents are engaged and motivated. We believe that people are more likely to fulfil their dreams when feeling confident and empowered. Through humor, encouragement and inspiration we can improve the present and help shape a better future for all.

We pride ourselves in being leaders in the services we provide and as part of this, we always aim to develop our services to support schools with some of the most challenging issues faced within education.

Enterprise activity in schools

Over the past few years, we have developed courses and programmes to upskill young people from Primary and Secondary Schools to ensure they are ready to embrace the world of work. We have also developed a range of specialised programmes to support Looked After and Cared for Children and Young People, Closing the Attainment Gap, Parental Engagement and Career Education.

Here are some highlights of what we do:

In response to the ever-changing needs of Scottish education, we have developed Mind the Gap, a programme comprising of six interventions specifically designed to help challenge the Attainment Gap in Scottish Education. Targeting S1-3 pupils, Mind the Gap helps learners to explore their true potential while challenging mindsets. Pupils leave with an understanding of the skills they are developing and how these can contribute to the life, their learning and their future career prospects.

One of TOK's most interactive workshops, this course has been created in association with SMAS (Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service) to promote and enhance pupils understanding of the manufacturing industry through a range of enterprising activities. In groups, pupils will create their own company and HQ, build revenue, buy and sell stock, build, and compete with other teams to become the most profitable company! This course allows learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to effectively work as part of a wider 'company', stick to roles and get to grips with manufacturing processes giving them skills for life, learning, and work.

There are currently over 92,000 children within the UK care system. With this statistic at the forefront of our minds, we created a fun and engaging programme for Looked After and Cared for Children and Young people preparing to leave the care system.

Over the last five years, we have delivered our innovative Rising Stars programmes helping young care leavers gain the skills and confidence required to move onto a positive destination. The programme covers the skills such as Leadership, Initiative, Health and Wellbeing and includes a range of stimulating challenges designed to give the young people an insight into the real-life challenges faced in the workplace. Furthermore, the young people experience a range of outdoor learning experiences and develop practical skills around developing a CV and preparing for interview. The grand finale of this programme is the once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a fire walk, an incredible experience for all those involved.

This programme can be delivered in a range of models to suit your needs ranging from 3-8 days and even including a residential option on the beautiful Isle of Arran.


Graham Hutton, Headteacher at Grove AcademyVideo Link: https://www.youtu.be/udrBK-TdfTM

Read the full case study here: https://treeof.com/blog/2016/03/23/lets-tok/

Robert Colquhoun, Brannock High SchoolVideo Link: https://www.youtu.be/dgBKOenxnrw
Louise Moir, Mackie AcademyVideo Link: https://www.youtu.be/wTF-K5qgLrM
Linda McAulay-Griffiths, Loudoun Academy Video Link: https://www.youtu.be/kZI5RN-WYTg
Campbel Hornell, Lasswade High SchoolVideo Link: https://www.youtu.be/GhSAqUkXj7w

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