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Cumnock, United Kingdom

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KCP is a progressive material transfer company, established in 2003, providing services nationwide. We have a head office in Ayrshire, an Operator's yard in Nottingham and a base in Somerset.

On conception, the company provided deep lift solutions for landfill sites, removing debris, waste, leachate and silts.

Today KCP delivers a broad range of services that include, Suction, transportation, investigative works, maintenance and repair. We always offer solution based results to our clients in the utility, nuclear, construction, renewable, local authority, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Enterprise activity in schools

We have been working with Cumnock Academy for several years and have now established a meaningful business/school relationship. We have supported Cumnock Academy through the set up of CPP (Cumnock Promotional products) a school enterprise group. This group has changed with the year groups and taken a variety of forms, with the basic idea always being the same, to make promotional products and sell them to local businesses. Allowing business to 'tick' their social responsibility box and making the school/enterprise group money to reinvest in further equipment.

We help the groups with business mentoring, we help find clients, referring people to them after ever trade event we attend, we buy all our merchandise from them and we run a bi-annual design competition to ensure new and fresh ideas for us, and it enables the school to increase the uptake by raising awareness of the group in the younger year groups. We feel that we now have a model that we can help any school set up. We offer other schools the service of finding them their own local business mentor and customer, and to help with the initial set up format.

We have also begun work on how to get this project an accreditation to encourage uptake from students.

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