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Children’s Parliament

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Children's Parliament is Scotland's Centre of Excellence for children's participation and engagement. We work for a future where all children in Scotland are actively engaged in shaping our world so that everyone is healthy, happy and safe. We believe all children should live and grow with dignity and be valued for what they can offer the world. We provide children with creative opportunities to share their experiences and views so that they can influence life at home, at school and in the community, through change at a local and national level.

Enterprise activity in schools

Children's Parliament works with schools across Scotland to promote children's rights, participative practice and listening to children's voices. Through our bespoke projects and consultations, children gain confidence, develop pro-social and communication skills, use their imaginations to find creative solutions to problems, and build positive and mutually respectful relationships with their peers and adults. This engagement supports wider enterprising work that schools develop through Curriculum for Excellence.

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