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Micro-Tyco is an interdisciplinary enterprise challenge from the WildHearts Foundation that provides young people with 'Inspiration, Knowledge and Networks.' The concept is simple – on the 1st of either November or February, teams of up to five pupils receive £1 seed capital from WildHearts and are challenged to grow it into as much money as possible in just 30 days.

Teenager helped into employment by Micro-TycoTeenager helped into employment by Micro-Tyco

The short time-scale of Micro-Tyco inspires an entrepreneurial environment that unleashes participant's hidden talents, whilst at the same time helping to develop key financial literacy, communication, leadership, project management and networking skills.

At the end of the 30 days all the money created by teams is invested by WildHearts in microfinance in the developing world, helping thousands of people to set up small businesses to work their way out poverty and helping participants 'become Entrepreneurs to fund Entrepreneurs'.

So far over 45,000 participants across 25 countries from Schools to Corporates have been inspired to learn the latest entrepreneurial thinking alongside key employability and business skills.

Some of the UK's largest companies take part in Micro-Tyco too, using it as tool for spotting and developing talent. Deloitte use Micro-Tyco to tackle issues of social immobility, using the programme to identify talent from low socio-economic backgrounds. As a result, Micro-Tyco has placed almost 200 students on the Deloitte ASPIRE work experience programme. Companies such as Wood Group, SSE and Jaguar Land Rover have also previously used Micro-Tyco to develop their new graduates and apprentices.

By taking part in Micro-Tyco your pupils will not only gain an experience that completely differentiates their personal statement and CV, they will also get the chance to build links with potential employers.

Micro-Tyco is completely free and can either be run as a stand-alone 4-week challenge or incorporated into classes as part of an 8-week Programme of Learning, using resources provided by WildHearts. The challenge is most suitable for year groups P4 – S6 and schools can enter as many teams as they like. To register your interest, e-mail info@micro-tyco.com for more details or visit the website.

Micro-Tyco school pupils with Sir Tom Hunter at Wildhearts GELMicro-Tyco school pupils with Sir Tom Hunter at Wildhearts GEL


Lord Digby Jones with school pupils at Micro-Tyco eventLord Digby Jones with school pupils at Micro-Tyco event


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