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Children’s University

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Children's University Scotland is a Scottish charity which aims to inspire a love of learning beyond the classroom that enriches children's lives and transforms their prospects for the future. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn and pursue their ambitions to the fullest.

Since 2013, we have been supporting children to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills by taking part in learning outside the classroom.

We work in partnership with schools, colleges, universities and other learning providers to provide access to high-quality, affordable educational opportunities that help boost achievement and raise children's aspirations for the future.

Enterprise activity in schools

We support and promote a wide range of innovative learning activities that take place at a huge variety of destinations across the country. Our programme connects the learning that happens in the school environment to that which occurs outside school, in the community, at home, during holidays and with families and friends. CU allows children to explore a wide range of different learning environments, thus broadening their understanding of the wide range of positive destinations available to them in the future.

A fundamental principle is that participation is voluntary, encouraging children to become independent and confident learners as they boost their academic and personal skills. This encourages learning that is self-initiated, self-directed and self-sustained, as children are required to take ownership for their own learning and to drive their own learning journey. This contributes to their development as enterprising individuals with a 'can-do' attitude.


I enjoy achieving with Children's University. I am not being compared to others. I don't have to be the fastest in the class or be better than anyone else. I just have to learn using my own interests and it makes me proud to be me and be the best I can be.

Child participant

Children's University has really helped me develop my confidence and I've met lots of new people going to the clubs. Going to the CU graduation made me and my parents really proud... my mum said she never thought she'd see inside a university. It just makes me feel proud.

Child participant

Children's University encourages families to work together by participating in and attending a vast range of out-of-school activities such as museum visits... and allows us to monitor and track the involvement of our young people and target support, where required, to those who need it most.

Head Teacher

What excites me most about the Children's University is the potential to reach parts of our community that face significant challenges in terms of progression to higher education...we have already seen how effective the programme is at helping to inspire pupils to foster an early love of learning and to become successful and confident learners.

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