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The Saltire Programme exists to find, fuel and spark the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders for Scotland. We do this through providing world-class education and training programmes for high-potential individuals at early and mid-career stages. These programmes are focussed on giving individuals high-quality experiences and a global perspective that they bring back to Scotland to embed in Scottish organisations.

The Saltire Programmes are a part of Entrepreneurial Scotland – a new organisation formed in 2014 through a merger with the Entrepreneurial Exchange and the Saltire Foundation. Our purpose is to inspire, develop and connect people who already are, or aspire to be, entrepreneurial leaders at all stages in their career. Our vision is for Scotland to be the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

Through Entrepreneurial Scotland networks, we are able to connect our Saltire Alumni with an impressive network of entrepreneurial leaders in Scotland and internationally, who are committed to developing the next generation.

Enterprise activity in schools

'Giving Back' is an integrated theme of our programmes. With the overall aim of creating a thriving, prosperous, Scottish economy, giving back doesn't have to start at the top.

Our Saltire Alumni have made a commitment to give back to those who have yet to make career decisions and to share their own career journeys so far. Part of this involves university students visiting high schools to help raise awareness of certain career pathways or to provide advice to those who are unsure of their career options.

This activity aims to inspire high school students to look to their peers for inspiration on choices for their future development. With particular focus on raising awareness of STEM subjects amongst pupils, our Saltire Alumni are able to give examples of where their subject choices have led them to later in life.

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