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Bright Yellow Thinking supports learning in schools across Scotland with our experience in enterprise education, personal skills development and entrepreneurial workshops. Our programmes, aimed at 10-18 year olds, help young people develop the 'soft skills' needed to succeed in a challenging world. Our facilitators have business backgrounds and experience of working closely with education and are experts in linking business knowledge with learning.

Children and young people enjoy activities that are fun, competitive and interactive and are delivered enthusiastically......that's what we aim to do as that's when the best learning takes place!

The development of Skills for Learning, Skills for Life and Skills for Work is what we are passionate about.

Enterprise activity in schools


Target: School pupils aged 15-18

We have developed the SAPhIR Programme to offer real world experience to boost the value of preparing to work programmes.

The SAPhIR Programme can give valuable insight into what is expected in today's difficult employment market to those who need extra help. With real life examples of modern candidate selection techniques in the private sector, the SAPhIR Programme can help those preparing for work gain experience and confidence in presenting themselves for job vacancies.

The SAPhIR Programme Workshops consist of interactive presentations, group activities and individual tasks and interactions. Workshops can be presented in one-day sessions or over a series of sessions.

Each attendee receives a course workbook packed with practical advice and examples.

Programmes to support DYW, employability and enterprise education


"I have just retired from a post as QIO in South Lanarkshire where my remit included HWB, Pupil Support, Rights Based Learning, Skills for Learning Life and Work, Work Experience and aspects of DYW etc.

"With such a wide remit I relied heavily on some very good people. One of these was Helen Salt employed on a three day a week basis as our Business Engagement Coordinator.

"Helen has worked with us and a number of other LAs.

"Coming from a business background she has supported developments through Determined to Succeed and DYW, working successfully with HTs in Primary, Secondary and ASN schools, and QIOs in a range of roles that include:

  • engaging businesses to work with schools and supporting them on an on-going basis
  • working with QIOs to enhance their areas of the curriculum and run major events eg Working in Expressive Arts
  • running very successful courses to support pupils into employment
  • delivering and inputting into Professional Learning on Skills for Learning Life and Work
  • setting up taster courses for groups of pupils 'not ready' to take up Work Experience
  • running a 'Young Apprentice' 9 day event over the summer for senior pupils
  • setting up Business Challenges and forums that directly support the curriculum
  • working with groups of teachers to look at how their curricular area could be enhanced with business input
  • working with pupils following only Nat 4 courses and therefore not taking Study Leave.

"Helen is one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is very creative and flexible and works to a very high standard. I am known as a bit of a perfectionist but was always happy to let Helen get on with things and 100% confident in her abilities. She has excellent interpersonal skills and has a lovely manner with pupils, parents and education staff. Evaluation of what Helen does is very positive, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her and her work."

Sandra Bogan
Tel: 07913552697bogan.sandra@googlemail.com

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