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HeadStrong were established in 2007 with the ethos to inspire positive conversations around Mental Health. HeadStrong have refined their 3 key delivery areas; engagement, education and empowerment into a message of hope and honesty.

HeadStrong can provide a range of services from large scale workshops and assemblies, through classroom and more targeted sessions for young people all the way to one-2-one sessions for individuals that require amore targeted form of support and assistance.


HeadStrong's Personal best programme has been widely delivered across West Central Scotland and the brochure and current curriculum offering is attached to this email along with a list of schools that have engaged with the HeadStrong program.


Armadale Academy Post Parent Session

That was fantastic. Thank you.

Once again I am staggered at the amount of ground you covered in the time. I think your pokey stick was extremely effective and gave everyone in the room a huge amount to think about, reflect on and consider for how they take their next steps. I really love the way that you present the profound with the light touch - some heavy messages delivered with gentleness, without any loss of volume

Philip Graham DHT High School of Glasgow


Would just like to say that the live video that was just on there was brilliant and me and my family really enjoyed it!

As a student at Armadale Academy, I feel so proud that my school is providing help to those who need it with such a positive and friendly partnership like yourselves and so I thank both yourself Brian and Mr Speedie, Mr McKay and the rest of the Senior Management on behalf of me and my fellow students.

I've shared the link for others other who might have missed it but need the information, whether they are struggling or in a similar position to me who would simply like to be able to help others better.

Thank you again for creating such a top class video, definitely brought a smile to my face in such unprecedented times!

Student, Armadale Academy


Liz Sally - Practice Manager - 0141 255 2123 - liz@headstrongminds.com

Brian Costello - Director - 07951 053 033 - brian@headstrongminds.com



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